Starbucks Coffee

Coffee Break? I think yes

These days kids aren't going and hanging out with their friends, the only way they talk is over the internet, or Xbox. A great way to stop this is putting a "cool" hangout place where kids could go. Starbucks is a great place for kids to hang out. Middle school and high school students would go there a lot and socialize. They could get out of the house and have some of their favorite coffee. This is why it would be such a great idea to put a Starbucks in Hesston.

Get your facts straight

It is proven that kids will go out more if the place is super "cool". Kids don't want to hang out at the library and have to whisper to talk, they want to be able to talk and socialize with one another. They also want to have a delicious drink to have while with friends, that's why Starbucks is such a great place have and to go to hang out, and have fun.