Kindergarten Connections

March 9-13, 2015

Weekly Report

This week in Literature & Social Studies the class listened to the big book, Then and Now. They looked closely at the pictures and text and engaged in conversation about how things change over time. We are studying the sound of short Oo and continue to blend words and count syllables.

The class is working on the following sight words: jump, they, you, me would, them. We are reading Dr. Seuss' classic, Green Eggs and Ham. These amazing readers will then read the book to the preschool classes next week.

As many of you have already seen and no doubt heard, we have two new hermit crabs in Kindergarten! The class helped to prepare their habitat focusing on the crabs' basic needs: water, food and shelter. The students compared a hermit crab's habitat to their own. They are already monitoring the habitat thermometer to ensure our new "friends" are comfortable. The next, and possibly the most challenging step will be deciding on their names. A few suggestions were: Zuma, Marshall, Rocky, Hermie, Sweetie and Mr. Nick! We will see on Monday!

Have a good weekend!

Ms. Crewalk