Free Rice (Global)

John Breen

What John Breen Has Done To Help The Community.

He helps family's that don't have food so they give them rice every time you get a answer right. Everytime you get a answer right they donate 10 grains of rice.

How Did it Help.

It teach's people new vocabulary words so they learn more. It help's family's that don't have food.
Free Rice John Breen

Background Information

John Breen is a computer programmer. John Breen is 53 years old.

What Can I Do?

Here is how I can help my community. I can help my community by babysitting, pulling weeds, and mowing peoples lawn. I can clean someones house, clean up garbage on the road, and raise money for MS. I can take care of peoples pets when they are gone, wash someones dishes, and go shopping for someone.