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Planning Sheets Needed for Upcoming Grant Implementation Meeting

During the GIT meeting on day one of the Summit, the TLI team introduced and discussed a planning sheet (on goldenrod colored paper) for district leaders to consider how they might support sites and campuses as they follow-up on the Summit. The goldenrod planning sheet provided columns for district leaders to plan their activities and determine the time frame for these activities, who would be involved, and the specific roles and responsibilities. I have attached this sheet for your reference.

CBLT's will need to have this sheet completed for the May 30th meeting. It should include information about which Leadership Action Step that you are working on. Your completed forms have to be submitted to TEA in our district's May Activity Report. I have attached an electronic version of this form on Edmodo. Please be sure to type your information onto this form. Bring it to the May 30th meeting.

Grant Implementation Team Meeting

Thursday, May 30th 2013 at 8:30-11:30am

10335 Old U.S. 290, Manor, TX 78653

Teams will need to bring the following information to the meeting:

  • Leadership Binders
  • Standards Based Instruction Binders ( Should include Weekly Agendas, Minutes, Sign-in Sheets, Supporting Documentation, etc.)
  • Updated DIPS
  • Planning Sheets for Leadership Action Steps
  • Laptops

Be prepared to complete ALL EOY data during this meeting. A light breakfast and a special sweet treat will be served to all CBLT's. If you are interested in doing something on the agenda, please email Felicia. We need someone to do an icebreaker activity for the team as well as a launch.


Please complete the questionnaire for participation in the TLI Summer Institute. The TLI Strands & Descriptions are attached for your review. You will need this information to complete Please choose strands specific to your literacy line.


Laurie Fay is a member of the K-5 Literacy Line at her campus. She is interested in attending sessions specific to grades Kinder - 2nd. She notices there are four strands she can choose from ( 9, 10, 11, & 12). She decides that Strand 9 is most appealing to her and will benefit her the most. The courses that she will attend in this strand, include:

  • Fluency: The Bridge Between Word Recognition & Comprehension
  • Best Practices in Reading Instruction for English Language Learners
  • Vocabulary and Oral Language Development
  • Think, Turn, & Talk


We need YOU for the Heart of Texas Writing Project! Applications are due on April 26th! To access the application, go to the Manor ISD homepage , click on the link on the right side of the page.

Kinder thru 5th Grade Doing Their Thing!

Kinder through 5th grade teachers and students continue to work on literacy skills and reading in the content areas to meet their end of the year goals. 3rd through 5th grade students are practicing for the upcoming STAAR and feel confident in their ability to pass this difficult hurdle.