Equivalent Fractions!

By Pilar

What are Equivalent Fractions?

Equivalent Fractions are fractions that may have different numbers but have the same value when you cross multiply 2 fractions or you can sometimes divide. Also 5 times 6= 30 and 10 times 3 = 30.

How do you compare Equivalent Fractions?

You can compare Equivalent Fractions by cross multiplying. Cross multiplying is multiplying the denominator and numerator of 2 seperate fractions. Then you have to see if what you multiplied by equals the same amount.

Can you divide to find Equivalent Fractions?

Yes you can because if the numerator and denominator go into each other. Also what you do on the top, you have to do on the bottom just like the fraction 50 over 100 and when you are dividing the fraction, you are simplifying the fraction into smaller parts and the last fraction you get is equal to fraction you had first.