Life before the Constitution

By: Dana Abusaoud

Life as a Worker

My name is Zachariah Rejoudy. I am a shoemaker, living and working in Manchester, New Hampshire. I work in a shop named, Renoir Footwear, where I get payed according to the number of how many shoes I make. I saved up for my own tools, which was very hard but luckily I have them in order for me to make some shoes for me at home! The problem is that I had got into debt for $50 for my tools and so I need to make money, the government has stopped issuing paper money and now, I can't make enough money to pay back. If I don't pay back, I may be in jail! Now, there is a new Constitution and I am curious to see what they are doing with debt. I have also heard, that they are not letting people like me vote, I don't get a voice in the world.

Life as a Banker

My name is Rima. I am a member of a prosperous banker and a merchant family in New York. I make most of my money by giving people loans and getting payed interest. Recently, many state legislatures have passed laws and now they are allowing debtors to pay using corn, tobacco, or whatever they have in value. This shows little respect to other's property. In some states with responsible state legislature, people get put in jail for not paying what they owe. Now that is a state I want to be in! On the other hand, there is some good news where you pay 10 cents for every dollar in bonds they gave you.
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Life as an enslaved African American

My name is Charlize. I am an enslaved African American and I live with my family in a tobacco plantation.