A Terrible Night

By: James Cole

Robert Washington's Death

Today we have terrible new about a high school student named Robert Washington. A appears that Robert and a couple of his friends Andy Jackson, and Tyrone have been drinking with Robert. B.j. was in the car but he wasn't drinking. Andy Jackson was the driver, people said that B.J. should have drove because he was the only one that was not drunk. Robbie's funeral will be held at a memorial at 8:00am to 11:00am.


Friday, June 20th 1986 at 9am

Chicago Heights, IL, United States

Chicago Heights, IL

This is a memorial service for Robert Washington. An 18 year old boy who have been drinking after a big win. Please pay your respects to Robert Washington.


9:00am is the starting time. 11:00am is the time is ends.

1:00pm- Food service

1:35pm- Gatherings.