Saint Anything

By Sarah Dessen

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Book Review By Timberley Revis

Finding your place in the world and in your family can be quite challenging. It could be even more difficult when you've always felt like the invisible one. How challenging will it be for Sydney to find herself in the world?

Sydney has always been the invisible one in her family and in the world. She's never had the spotlight like her brother. Now that Peyton, Sydney's brother has been sentenced to jail for a drunk driving accident he really has the spotlight. Sydney realizes that everyone is so focused on her brother that no one ever stops to focus on the victim in the accident. After all Peyton has the spotlight so that leaves Sydney finding her place in the world and in her family. After Sydney moves schools she comes across the Chatham family, she is immediately welcomed and already feels like family to them. For the first time in her life she isn't questioning her place because Mac is watchful and protective over Sydney.

This book is very interesting to read and will surprise you more and more every time you turn the page. The most interesting part was finding out how Sydney finds her place in the world and with her family. Not only with the world and her family but also with her friendships, love, and herself.

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