Queen of Scots

Queen Mary I

Queen Mary's Reign-

The reign of Queen Mary I started when she was six days old, when her father died.

The country was ran by regents until she was of age.

When Mary was 6 months old a treaty of Greenwich was signed saying she was to wed King Henry II’s son when she was 10.

The treaty stated that he two countries would remain legally separate but if the two failed to produce children, the union would dissolve.

They married but two years later her husband died of an ear infection that had spread to his brain.

Queen Mary had claimed the crown of four nations-France, England, Scotland, and Ireland.

She had received the crowns from relatives that had passed and from her husband.

Even though she held the crowns of four countries, she lacked political skills.

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Queen Mary's line of Lovers

First marriage only lasted two years.

-he died of an ear infection

Second marriage ended in murder

-her cousin

-he was found dead with a servant. They were both strangled

-He had become arrogant and overbearing

-He made a lot of enemies, they plotted to kill him

-It is said that Mary knew of this plot

Her last marriage ended with her fleeing to her cousin Elizabeth I

-She had gone to this man for help when her husband was becoming arrogant

-This had resulted in exposure and the murder of her husband

-Mary had married the man

-Mary’s followers had turned against her

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Mary's Death

Mary's marriage to her last husband had enraged the nobles. Mary had her army fight against them but they were defeated. She was imprisoned and forced to give her crown to her son, James I.

She escaped and went to England for refuge but she was thrown in prison by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I because Mary had become the reason many Catholics and Spaniards were plotting against Queen Elizabeth.

After 19 years of being in prison she was found guilty for plotting to kill Elizabeth.

Mary was beheaded at age 44


"In my end is my beginning”

Mary says this while in prison. It symbolises her eternal life after her death.