Endangered Siberian Tiger

By: Whit Miller and Guy Zimmerman

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Why is it endangered?

It is endangered because of poachers looking for their good fur for rugs, clothes, and teeth for weapons. Also, because of habitat loss caused by deforestation.

Physical Characteristics

They are about 4 feet tall (on all fours) and 10 feet tall on their hind legs. Ranging from 600 to 700 pounds they are strong carnivores with very powerful jaws filled with razor sharp teeth. They have orange and white fur with black and white stripes.

Ecosystem of Siberian Tiger

The Siberian Tiger is found mainly in birch forests in Russia and some parts of Asia. It can also be found in zoos across the world including the national zoo in the nation's capital.

1 - 800 - 960 - 0993

This is the number to contact WWF. We will call them to discuss what we can do to help and what they do to help the Siberian tigers and their population.

Fundraiser To Save The Tigers

To help raise money to save the Siberian tigers we started a GoFund me page. Its called Save The Tigers and the goal is to raise $5000 to donate to the WWF ( World Wildlife Fund ) on the Saving The Tigers branch of the organization.

Thankyou for watching our presentation!

And remember, Help save these amazing creatures!

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