Drug addiction

By:Matthew Davies

Charlotte drug rehab center

There whole purpose is to treat people who are struggling because they are having problems from drug and alcohol addiction by going through the detoxification process.They are helping the whole community who comes in with an addiction to alcohol or drugs.
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Programs offered and types of treatment

inpatient medical detox,intensive outpatient,pain management,addiction treatment,and equine therapy.

drug and alcohol treatment

Types of illnesses treated

The types of illnesses they treat are addiction to drugs and alcohol.
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Contact information


Five additional facts on the rehab center

They have many different types if treatment like inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

They have individual and group therapy sessions.

They have alternative treatments such as art therapy,exercise,and equine programs.

They have an alcohol treatment for people who are addicted and it needs time,hard work and motivation.

They have a drug treatment that will help you through drug detox,therapy and more.

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