Video Game Effect People



My name is Dustin Thomas and I am a gamer. I go to schlagle high school and I am a soft more.


The question I'm asking what effects do video games have on people? I am doing this, because I am interested in how video games effect the person.


I only know that video games can effect your hand eye Carnation. I want to know other effects video games have on people. I also want to know if these effects are good or bad. I hope you viewers can learn just as much or more.


The effects Video games have on people fall under two categories Positive and negative effects. Witch one do you fall in or do fall int neither one? If you want some effects well here you go.
mantle states
hand eye coordination


Perception? I'm not talking about how we see an image. I'm talking about our perception on the world, after playing video games. What is your perception after playing? Check out the video below.
How Video Games Change Your Brain


The games we play can cause us to go into a mantle state. This mantle state is caused when you are more Fascist on the game you are currently playing. The mantle state can help with the other causes.

Big image
Big image

The effects Acering

I needed to see witch of effects flow to the surface off of people. The secant one is to see how manny time that effect ac-cures.

concluded thoughts

I have come to the conclusion that most of my class mates don't show no since or they are unsure. If they do show since of these effects, it is mainly anger and or hand eye coordination. For how often these two effect show up. It seams that thy are pretty even. The amount they show out of 100%, Very often is 35.7%, not that often is 35.7%, and not at all is 28.6% this is very interesting.