Mauritania is in the North West. At 20 degreese North by 12 degreese West. Bordering Algeria, Mali, Senegal, and Westurn Sahara. The total area of Mauritanina 397,955 spuare miles.


The section population is is 3,437,610. The literacy rate fortotal is51.2%, for male51.8%, and female 31.9%. The ethnic group is mixed maur/black40%, maur30%, and black30%. Finally the life expecanty of 58%.

three facts that are most interseting to me.

on very interesting fact to me is that people in Mauritania they inly have ine holiday and that is Independence Day on November28. Another intersesting fact is that there is two main langueges which are Wolof and Hassaniya Arabic. Finally, the last interesting fact is that kids play a game called "Liguam" which to us is tuf of war.