Techniques to Express Thoughts

By Jackie Justice


The think-pair-share techniques is a cooperative discussion strategy. First, the teacher asks student to think about a question, prompt, or observation. Second, Student pair up with a partner to talk about and compare their thoughts. Third, the student share their thoughts with the rest of the class.
Pros- This technique provides time for all student to think about the question. Then students have the opportunity to share with just one person; which can be helpful to nervous students about "going public" with their thoughts. Lastly, by sharing students have the chance to communicating their thought to a whole group.
Cons- Some partner may do all the talking and not allow time for both student to share.


When a teacher presents a question, students can journal their thought using words and/or pictures.
Pros- Provides time for student to generate they thoughts and express them independently in a variety of ways.
Cons- Often student are reluctant to share their deep thoughts and feelings. The key is to create a safe classroom environment to student s to feel safe to share.

Literature Circles

Literature circles is a cooperative discussion group (often 4-5 members) where each member of the group has specific roles and responsibilities.
Pros- Student can take ownership of the role in the group.
Cons- Some roles may be alarming for some students. Student have a tendency to gravitate to the role that they feel most comfortable.