mavens, connectors and salesmen

by: table 3

character traits of a maven

The word mavens comes from the yiddish it means "one who accumulates knowledge".

What sets mavens apart, though, is not so much of what they know but how they pass it along. The fact that the mavens want to help, for no other reason than to help, turns out to be an awfully effective way of getting someones attention.

do you see the level of obsession here? He can remember prices, to the cents, of cans of coffee he bought ten years ago.

Who are key examples of mavens?

were Alpert a plumber he would be just as exacting and thorough and knowledgeable about the ways of the market place.

he explained why he had cable TV as opposed to a dish. he gave me the inside scoop on Leonard Maltin's new movie guide, he gave me the name of a contact at the park central hotel in Manhattan who is very helpful in getting a great deal.