All About Monaco

by: Blessed Amani

Country Basics

Name of country: Monaco

The capital of country: Monaco


Location: The continent that is located is in Europe

Major Landforms: low/hills/mounatains

Major Landmarks: Monte Carlo, Palais Du Prince, Jardain Exotique, Cathedral, Les Jardains Saint Martin

Major bodies of water: Mediterranean


what type of government does the country have: constitutional Monarchy

who is the leaders: Monarch, minister of state, and Prince

describe the rights, roles, roles & responsibilities of the citizens: politics, government, and taxation (etc.)


Is it a rich or poor nation: it is a rich nation

What is their main import or export: crops

Economic Indicators:

Birth Rate: 12.7%

literacy rate: 99%

water source: piped water into dwelling, yard (etc.)


Traditional & Modern clothing:Monaco is a really rich nation, so they would probably wear highly recommended clothes

Major language: French

Holidays: All saints day observed, National day, feast of the immaculate

Religion: Roman Catholic

Food: Couscas, fried crepes (etc.)


General weather conditions: ,Monaco has a hot climate for at least 300 days

Average yearly rainfall: 62.5%

Average yearly temperature: Hottest Month: 24 degrees Celsius, Coldest Month: 10 degrees celsius


1 of the Major historical event that happened in Monaco is:

In 1889 Charles the third died. Albert the first, his son, accedes to the throne. He King Albert is particularly interested in oceanography and research on prehistory. He has created the peace institute