South Korea

South Korea Geography

South Korea is a bit bigger than the state of Indiana. The country is just like an island. Since they don't get along with North Korea, they aren't able to travel to China on land. Therefore they are virtually isolated from the rest of the human world (unless by sea and sky).You might think most of South Korea is sprawling metropolis, but you might be suprised. Seventy percent of the country is luscious forest, with some endangered animal species living in the untouched forest preserve of the DMZ warzone.

South Korea's Government

When it was first conquered by Japan, the citizens didn't have a lot of rights. They couldn't even print their own newspapers! After it gained independence president after president came along. Then the country was military governed for a few years. Finally, they started having presidents again and the country flourished and is now what you see today. (Did you know that South Korea is one of the only countries in the world that has a female president?)

Park Geun-hye, South Korea's current president.

The culture of South Korea

South Korea has many different kinds of festivals throughout the year. For example, there is the Hampyeong Butterfly Festival, Muju Firefly Festival, and the Hwacheon Sancheoneo (mountain trout) ice festivals. There are festivals for almost everything you can think of. Traditional mask dances are part of the culture also. They act out anything from love stories to poking fun of upper class. The modern music or K-pop is popular around the world. You might've heard some already.

People celebrating a local Korean festival.