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Federal & state laws require that all students participate in a summative assessment, STAAR.

Your child's participation in STAAR matters.

Your child's STAAR score reflects how well the school is doing its job of providing your child with the quality education they deserve. STAAR scores also factor into the school's performance ratings. Students who do not take STAAR earn a score of zero, and their school is required to provide them with 30 hours of additional support/remediation for each assessment that they do not take.

STAAR provides families information to understand and support their child's learning.

  • All STAAR test questions and answers are made available so families and teachers can work together to better support student learning of specific skills.
  • The Family Portal, available at, gives families even more information, including tips for how to support learning at home.

STAAR has been redesigned in the 2022-2023 school year to better align with classroom instruction

  • More than 600 educators and 200 students across the state have provided input to ensure STAAR better reflects the classroom experience.
  • Ninety-two percent of the educators who reviewed the STAAR redesign said the new types of questions will allow students to better demonstrate their knowledge.

Tested Grade levels and Subjects

3rd Grade - Math and Reading Language Arts

4th Grade - Math and Reading Language Arts

5th Grade - Math, Reading Language Arts, and Science

6th Grade - Math and Reading Language Arts

7th Grade - Math and Reading Language Arts

8th Grade - Math, Reading Language Arts, Science and Social Studies

High School students take the End of Course (EOC) exams and must pass in order to graduate.

English I

English II


US History

Algebra I.

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Families should be able to access their child's 2023 results

this year by signing into the Campbell ISD Parent Portal.

If you need a parent portal ID please contact