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Why Renting 1 Bedroom Apartment is a Great Option?

You can enjoy several options and choices by having apartments for rent on your own. If you are getting rooms for rent for the first time, you can enjoy biggest benefits. Basically renting a bachelor or studio apartments seems a very good deal at once. But the price difference on average among 1 bedroom basement apartments for rent and bachelor apartment are not dissimilar as they look. On average, the bachelor apartment costs $916 per month in Toronto. On the other side, one bedroom apartment rentals cost around $1113 per month. With just $100 of difference, it is still better to go for 1 bedroom apartments for rent.

Though we have learned lesson of sharing from our parents, it is better to have your own space even when it is rental. If you want a living space that you can call your own, always go for 1 bedroom rental apartments. You can have your private sanctuary in the form of separate townhouses for rent where you can stay with peace of mind and away from hustles and bustles. In addition to that, there is no need to worry related to problems with roommate, like being stuck with the one who eats your groceries and who doesn’t clean up his space. On the other side, when you have your separate space, you have full control on cleanliness.

For independent Men and Women

For those who are first-timers in living in their own space, they can have a great sense of independence by having separate rooms for rent. In that apartment, everything will be yours and you can make your own decisions on functions and interior decorations. With 1 bedroom apartments, you can have additional area in square footage and there you can call this space your own home.

You can enjoy several amazing advances by living on your own. However, you tend to need touch of family and friend in your home. But, you can have more space for entertainment in one bedroom apartment than you would have on studio or bachelor apartment. Having additional room is having space for clothes, bed and other items and having less clutter. You will also have a living room where you can place a sofa to accommodate visitors. If you are among 1.8 millions of those who are self-employed in Canada, then you must know the value of having an independent living space.