TERM 1 2013

Rachael Galvin

prezi 2013

In term 1 2013 3/4/5/6 did prezi and I put my limric, recount and naritive.

My recount was about charlie burr. For my limric I had to do it about some one mine was about Hayley. My naritive was about when my family and I had truble at Bright.

Athletic canivall 2013

In the 2013 athletics canivall I got junoir girl champion and it was one of the best moments of my life. I was so proud of my self when I got 1st place in high jump. I also think I done prety well in my running. And I was luky to have so meany friends there and family to chere me on as well as congragelat me at the end. And I think I made It on the next carnivall. so happy. I'll be evan happyer when I find out!!!!!!!!!!

Earn and Learn


In art with Miss Guthrie we did a mosac and first we had to chose a picher and i chose one by Christen Beller and it was called love bollone. I liked it becouse it was butifull and colerful and I thout that it was very detailed. Then I had to write about my family and then we had to chose something that most of our family I chose to do a tennis raket. Then nat helped us put it in to sand and cement and my one I think ternnd out realy well.