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Hatshepsut's Life Story

Thutmose I, Hatshepsut’s father, favored her greatly and told her she would become pharaoh when he died. The law says the pharaoh must be a man but she persisted in being the ruler of Egypt. The priests made a deal that she would rule with her step brother as his wife. Hatshepsut agreed and began ruling with Thutmose II in 1478 BC. Unfortunately, he mysteriously passed away a year ago. Hatshepsut is presently the 1st woman “pharaoh” of Egypt. She has taken away all of the power from her son, Thutmose III, who wants to be the general of our army. The commoners agree that what Hatshepsut has done and is planning to do is wonderful.


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Mysterious Death in the Royal Family

Today is the anniversary of our dear Thutmose II untimely death, many still mourn his death. Let us have a moment just to think and reflect on his short reign, but also thank the gods that Hatshepsut was there to take on the enormous responsibility of being Pharaoh, after such a hard loss in her family. Also let us think of Thutmose III and one day he will become our future pharaoh, but there have been some alarming rumors circulating around Thebes! Some have even accused Hatshepsut of cold blooded murder! Of course this rumor is not true because being related to the gods no person of her high ranking would commit such a horrible crime! When Thutmose’s death was first announced, the rumors spread like a wildfire. Many bought into such horrible words, and asked how Thutmose II had entered the afterlife, but the royal family refused to spill the mummies! Did Hatshepsut cause his death or did he die of natural causes?! I guess we’ll never know.

- Sylvia

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Royal Family Fashion

Have you ever wondered what Hatshepsut’s closet looks like? Well then we’ve got some news for you. We all love the royal family fashion, right? We all know how Hatshepsut loves to be stunning in her public appearances. I don’t know about you, but she is my fashion icon. If you feel the urge to look like her, but you don’t know what to do to get her style right, keep reading and we will make your dream come true. Our dear ruler loves color; if you haven’t noticed she loves blue and gold. Her big, brown eyes are her best feature. They are always surrounded with dark, thick black eyeliner. She loves wearing cream or white dresses and a golden belt with tassels at the end to show her love for gold. Her look is very elegant yet out- there. This was the newest fashion update: Hatshepsut is starting to wear a lot of blue jewels mostly around her neck. I hope this helps you with your Hatshepsut elegant, but fierce style.

xoxo- Taylor

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New Commoner Fashion

It looks like less is more! Over the past few weeks commoners have been deciding to wear thin shirts and short kilts and skirts. Maybe people are going for a natural look to show of their regular beauty or is because of the hot weather. Maybe they are thinking that their clothes are getting too bulky for them and they should go for something smaller. Why has this started? Is this a trend or have the people been getting tired of this hot weather? Do they want to show of natural beauty? Does the Hatshepsut approve of this? We have a lot of questions that nobody seems to have the answers to. Is someone keeping this secret hidden and is it going to be spilling out of someone soon or is it going to be long awaited?

Tell us your opinions in the voting link down below.

Put your comments on what you think this style change is about.

- Zaria


Likes: 35 Dislikes: 6

I am such a fan of Gossip Girl and I just wanted to saw I love your articles and read them every week! I like the new style because. I don't get so hot in it, but the real reason is that it is the new style. I think it looks fabulous on everyone and doesn't look so bulky.

- Olivia

I hate the new style because it is not our original garments and we are breaking tradition.


The new style is okay, I mean, I don't really mind it that much, but it helps with the hot weather.

- Caroline


Hatshepsut: Man or Woman?

OMG! If you want to know about Hatshepsut’s latest public appearance then then this is a wonderful article for you! At Hatshepsut’s latest public appearance I thought I was hallucinating, but I wasn’t. Hatshepsut was not wearing her usual girly garments last night. She was wearing something new, very new. We all knew that the people weren’t fond of our ruler being a woman, but they couldn’t do anything about it because she is our ruler. Hatshepsut did this to make a statement, and make a statement she did. She made herself look like one of our very own past pharaohs. She was wearing a fake beard and headdress. Is this the new style or is she just fed up at what the people are saying about our dearest Hatshepsut. Maybe this won’t change anything knowing that she is still, in fact, a woman. We all know that the people might be upset, but we didn’t think it would go this far or did we?

Put your votes and comments down below.

xoxo- Taylor


Woman: 52 Man: 31

I think it is a little out of the ordinary having a woman as our leader, but as long as she will lead us through times of trouble I am totally fine with it.

- Maria

I am totally not for this. Our Pharaoh should be a man because it has been a man every time and that is why we are still standing today.

- Jack

I disagree with you totally. This is a wonderful change from our normal tradition and i think that it is time someone fights for woman's rights finally.

- Rachel

Mining Miracle

Shocking news! Did the rich and powerful Egypt do it again? I guess we did. Shocking discovery! A new gold mine discovered in Thebes. This is the biggest gold mine Egypt has seen in years which is making us more determined and is making us wonder if there could be a lot more gold out there. We are becoming more determined to plan more expeditions to go mining because this could be the biggest outbreak in all of Egypt’s history, so we hope. This could make Egypt a lot richer than it already is. We definitely think Hatshepsut will go along with this plan after we found about the new mining miracle on our hands.

xoxo- Taylor

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Yummy Bananas and Hatshepsut's Food Expedition

Yum! Yum! Yum! Hatshepsut established a FOOD expedition. Her scribes are going around the Land of Punt to find exotic fruits! Even BANANAS! All of the foods are making a big impact on the trust and power of Hatshepsut’s rule. She is doing so many things to improve Egypt and all of the civilians are loving it! Although Hatshepsut has definitely made a her mark in history, we’ve got to wonder if she will do anything else besides bringing bananas to Egypt. Maybe she can bring new inventions that our towns don’t know about. Maybe another temple/ pyramid could be built because we were inspired by them. Or maybe even a whole new god or goddess! I think all of us wonder what she could possibly do next.

- Kyra

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Interview with Hatshepsut

Gossip Girl decided to go interview Hatshepsut! Though this was hard you dedicated fans of our paper deserve it! So here is what happened…

“Hello Hatshepsut, Gossip Girl would like to ask you a few questions.”

“Ok… so, what are your questions.”

“Well we would love to know how you got the amazing idea to send your slaves down to punt so that you could get the wonderful things we call bananas?”

“Well actually I have been thinking of this for a while, but my poor Thutmose wouldn’t hear of it.”

“Do you believe that Thutmose II was holding you back?”

“Well… of course… not. I believe he would never have done the things that I did as pharaoh.”

“Why did you start dressing as a man?”

“Well all of you simpleminded commoners wanted me to be a man so I gave them what they wanted!”

“Many people have been saying you murdered your dear husband, is this true?”

“NO! Of course not! Now get OUT!”

That was all the time we had. Thanks for tuning in to Gossip Girl.

- Sylvia

What do The Slaves of the Royal Hatshepsut have to Say About Her?

We are here live at Thebes to get the inside look of Hatshepsut’s slaves. This is what their answers were to our questions. “ Overall what is the experience of being one of Hatshepsut’s slaves?”

Slave one: “ It is obviously not the life I would want to have, but she treated us pretty well. She is nice to us if we obey her orders.”

Slave two: “Life is good. I mean she is okay, but I do not really want to be serving her. I would obviously rather be free.”

“ What does Hatshepsut do in her free time?”

Slave one: “ Hatshepsut writes a lot. She writes about how to make good decisions for the people and how hard she has worked to gain power while making a statement. She wants to make everyone happy, which is what I like.”

Slave two: “ Hatshepsut likes to have a good time, but she mostly writes about what she is going to do for the people. I always have to get her food, water, or writing materials. She is always doing something to make Egypt better in everyone’s eyes.”

- Zaria

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What is Life like as a Royal Family Member or as a Commoner?

Ever Wonder what life is like as a Royal Family member or as a Commoner?

Many of the people reading this today are most likely commoners, but there many be a few who are actually in the royal. Either way this is the article for you. The royal family lives luxurious lives. Only the pharaoh has more responsibilities than anyone in the whole of Egypt. They can wear extravagant costly jewelry and clothing. The royal family can eat as many meals as they like, and are free to study military, writing, reading, etc. On the other hand commoners keep Egypt running. Without people mining, and farmers farming this our how entire lives would be completely warped. They must work long hours and don't have much education.

- Sylvia

Army Updates

Thutmose III

Thutmose III presently wants to be the general of our army. He has been training for the past 10 years to prove that he is and powerful enough to lead Egypt to a victory. He does not yet know what Hatshepsut has taken away from him; he thinks she is innocent. Do you think that she is innocent? Who knows what might happen when Thutmose III finds out what Hatshepsut took away from him. From what I know, when something happens to a prince that is supposed to be the pharaoh, they are not a happy camper.

- Kyra

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Army Update

Currently the army has been able to get a lot of rest because the soon to be general,

Thutmose III is letting them spend some time with their families. I believe that Thutmose III is waiting a few weeks until the warriors will get back to training. Gossip Girl is expecting Thutmose III to get the army ready in less than one year. I believe we will win the next big war.

- Zaria

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