Fourth Grade News

March 21-25

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Students will be going on a field trip to Legoland. A permission slip and information sheet should have come home in your student's Thursday folder before break. Each student and chaperone will be $10. This money is due by Thursday, March 24.



Northwest Reads is coming soon! The date scheduled for this event is April 29th. Usually a month or so out, Partners In Education (PIE) sends us a link to a digital sign-up form. We have not received the link yet. As soon as we are notified, the link will go out for parents to sign up to participate in the event. Until we receive that information we would like parents to have ample time to make arrangements to be there if possible as a volunteer.

If you are not familiar with Northwest Reads, please read the following:

Participants will choose from a variety of books to read to pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students at one of the district’s 17 elementary schools. This event provides community members with an opportunity to inspire young NISD students to become lifelong readers.

All volunteers must pass a criminal background check. Log on to the district website, Northwest ISD , and click the Volunteer Registration link under the Quick Links on the left-hand side of the page.

Thank you!

Fun Friday

Students work diligently throughout the week to earn Fun Friday privileges. This is a time on Friday afternoon that we allow students to relax after all their work is done. Students can bring board games, art supplies, or electronics with which to play. If a student gets their behavior log signed they will not be eligible for Fun Friday festivities.


Just a reminder: Students have reading and math homework which comes home Monday in their SPUR Folder and is due Friday. In addition to the short paper assignments, we ask that students complete a minimum of 60 minutes of Stride. Doing 30 minutes of reading Stride and 60 minutes of Math Stride will help fill the gaps in skills your students may have or simply increase their skills if they are on or above grade level in all areas. However, we understand that things come up during the week that are beyond your control so 60 minutes is our requirement.

Please email us or write a note if the Stride program is not working at your house for any reason, so we can contact the program and work out any bugs. If your student doesn't have access to a device or internet we can work out another arrangement please let us know. We are here to help and appreciate your support!

Language Arts & Social Studies

In reading, students will be working on identifying the main idea of texts, as well as summarizing texts from the main ideas. Students will look at a variety of texts and genres in order to establish the main idea. The students will be required to synthesize the information they read and answer questions about the main idea. We will also discuss the author's purpose for writing based on the topics or main ideas in the texts they read.

In writing, we will be writing a new expository. Students will have to explain who their hero is and what makes them their hero. We will focus on the structure of expository writing. Students will also be reviewing homophones like there, their, they're, were, we're, where, it's and its. We will also be reviewing for our STAAR writing test that will be coming up next Tuesday on March 29th.

Social Studies- We will continue to look at the beginning of Texas' statehood and the problems they first faced when joining the United States. The students will be discussing the aftermath of the Texas Revolution and look at where the state is headed.

Upcoming Dates


MARCH 28- Progress Reports

MARCH 29 -STAAR Writing Test

APRIL 29- Northwest Reads


Please send a note with your student or email Traci Jaggars before 2:15 with any ride changes.


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