The Roar book by Emma clayton

Analysis of The Roar made by John aaron

Character analysis, setting and author

Author:Emma clayton

Setting: Dystopian future

character analysis: Mika and ellie are twins and have physiological powers like mind reading and pick things up with their thoughts.


Mika and ellie are twins who live in the shadows.They both dont know it but they both have physiological powers. One day ellie is kidnapped and taken to a space station in low earth orbit by an evil man named mal gorman. He wants to use her powers which he calls a mutation and make a army to destroy people living on the other side of the wall.later he kidnappes mika and inprisons him. Soon mika and ellie find each other but that is after they had both just had a near death experience. They cant defeat mal gorman just yet because he is still strong and would be to hard to topple so they work with him till they can topple him which happens in the next book I hope.


We meet Mika and ellie and learn alittle about them. We hear ellie and mikas backstorys. We meet mal gorman. Learn about mika and pod fighter. Mika is kidnapped and inprisoned like ellie. They sense each other and figure out how to meet up. See each other again but have to work for mal gorman together so they can decrease his power and topple him. All captured kids get released we think from the cliffhanger ending.