February 3, 2016 pv updates

Please be reading your emails and checking your back office.

From our Senior Director Robyn Torres

I have seen some discussion about the $99 monthly activity requirement (not so much on our team) but in the field and so I just want to give you my insight and thoughts about this. You may not agree with me and that is ok, but this is a business and so for the sake of the longevity of your business, hear me out.

It may stink for those that just recently signed and were seeing active dates much later in the year, but in the long run $99 over 3 months (because of the grace period) ...is actually less than what we had- the $250 over 6 months. I personally am encouraging designers on this team and those I bring in, to focus on the $99 a month and not the grace period. Why? Well, what success are designers really having if they are not achieving $99 in one month, that is only selling 2 lockets in one month. If they are not doing this and as a company and team we are not encouraging and supporting this behavior- are they really building a business with this? Is this business truly impacting their lives?
If not, they become inactive- and even being inactive, they are still getting a discount of 15%- no it's not a full discount, but it is still something! Kind of like a VIP customers with a discount (like when you buy a membership at Costco or Sams to shop at discount) and if that inactive designer buys $99 again in a month then they are active again and receive the higher discount! That easy! We aren't even dropping designers like we used to and most companies do, they will only be required to buy a new kit or be moved to "customer" status if they buy absolutely nothing, not $1 in a year. But they can always move from inactive to active status by making the choice to work their business.

This is a Business and for so many can be a life-changing, we should raise the expectations for all designers so that they can reach their fullest potential. The more you see the benefit of the business and are selling consistently, the longer you will stay as a designer and the more you will grow and develop into a Leader and this business will impact your life. I hope that we do not lose any on this team due to these requirements. But, that is a personal decision that only you can make. Really think through this and if you do, I know you will see that requiring to sell 2 lockets a month is not something that is too hard to do- it is very realistic, it will cause you to reach out more and to create new goals and be more successful in this.

Why limit yourself in what you can do with this or lower your expectations? I hope that those of you that are unsure, decide to stay, make higher goals for yourself and watch your business truly become a business. Part of that decision comes with Believing in Yourself and committing to make some changes to make your business successful. I Believe in You, Your Leaders Believe in You- now You just need to Believe in You and what you are truly capable of doing

Anything above 250 pv per month, 30-50% discount on product

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As always, if you have any questions, please contact me.

Laura Torguson