Bill Gates

By: Taelor Lake

Why I chose this individual

I chose Bill Gates because he is very well known, he is the owner of Microsoft, and there are many facts about him that are very easy to find.

What this individual has accomplished

Bill gates has accomplished many things such as he is a billionaire, he created Microsoft, he has given 28 billion dollars to charity which is 48% of his net worth, he has saved over 5 million lives by bringing vaccines to children internationally.

The universal values of this individual

Bill gates is very caring because he has sent over 28 billion dollars to charity. Bill gates is a very responsible man he is very involved in society. He also has pursuit of excellence because he always works hard and takes pride in what he's doing.

Why is this individual a good mentor for young adults

There are many things that make Bill Gates a good mentor for young adults such as he is great for making future leaders, hard working, always two steps ahead of his competitors, very inspiring, great at repairing relationships.