Question 14

How many calories does a student burn switching classes?

By: Mia Harp and Dane Wierman


We predict that a student (walking our schedule) will burn 55 calories throughout the 7 period day with 7 class switches including walking to lunch and back.

Calories Burned

Switch 1: 6 calories

Switch 2: 7 calories

Switch 3:7 calories

Lunch (there and back): 10

Switch 4: 8 calories

Switch 5: 6 calories

Switch 6: 5 calories

Total Burned: 49 calories

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Average Calories Burned Compared to School Lunch

2 slices of pepperoni pizza: 276 calories

1 bag of cheetos: 160 calories

1 blue gatorade: 130 calories

Total Calories: 566 calories

Calories Gained Throughout Day: 566-49=517 calories


We used a free calorie counter app to walk through our schedule to accurately determine the amount of calories burned in a normal student's school day. We also looked up the daily lunch normally purchased by students in our cafeteria. To determine accurate numbers of calories in a student's lunch, we looked up how many calories are in 2 slices of Cici's pepperoni pizza, a snack bag of Cheetos, and a blue Gatorade.
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