Carl T. Renton Junior High

May 6, 2016

National Junior Honor Society Induction

The following were inducted into the NJHS Society on May 4th

Sarah Alatabi

Megan Holloway

Alexander Schankowski

Hannah Arnett

Annabelle Hubbard

Shook, Ian Shook

Hailey Bossick

Matthew Martin

Straub, Sophia Straub

Chloe Bowers

Connor McCraight

Jayden Symanski-Bedford

Gracie Bowman

Marissa McMullen

Nina Tylutki

Faith Callahan

Alexander Moore

Brianna Vargo

Joseph DeVita

Abagail Nieman

Haylee Wheatley

Emily Ferguson

Aniela Ormanian

Madison Wolfenbarger-Weather

Nathaniel Glinski

Raymond Podojil

Sydney Ziegler

Benjamin Grunwald

Steven Scarborough

Sixth grade Science

Students worked in small groups to do a simulation of the interaction of predators and prey in a habit. The larger squares represented coyotes and the smaller squares represented the rabbits. The students completed a study of 20 generations and will make a line graph of their results.

Renton Junior High Track Team

Having a spot on the Renton Track Team is an astonishing privilege. To have the opportunity to pursue your athletic ability is a great experience. Both boys and girls have a demanding schedule that they are all committed to. The coaches dedicate their time and effort to the team. They encourage each individual to always be better and work their hardest. It seems like all of their hard work is paying off. The record stands as undefeated for both boys and girls teams. We hope that record will remain the same throughout the whole season.

By: Asia Riley and Chloe Bowers

Parent Survey

In an effort to improve system practices, Carl T. Renton Jr. High School is conducting a Parent Survey. This survey is about fifteen minutes long and has forty-two questions

This is a requirement with Michigan Department of Education as part of our School Improvement Plan. We are required to have 20% participation on the survey so if you could take the time to complete it, we would greatly appreciate it.

The survey can be completed using the website:

Thank you for your time and support in making Huron and Renton a great place to learn

Upcoming Events

5/6 Progress reports for 3rd Trimester

5/9 Track meet @ Home

5/10 7th grade Math M-Step

7th grade baseball @ Home, 8th grade baseball @ Wagar Middle School

5/11 Track meet @ Simpson Middle School

5/12 7th grade Math M-Step

5/13 No school teacher in-service day

5/16 8th grade baseball & Track @ Home

5/17 Symphonic Band Concert 7:00

5/18 Beginning Band Concert 7:00