SPS Tech News

Term 1 Week 3


One of our actions on our Technology plan is to provide you updates regularly of what is happening in technology. So...here's hoping we do a better job this year. We will be trying to get a flyer out to you every couple of weeks. We aim to not have too much information - just a quick hit and hopefully something might grab your attention. Please talk to us if there is something specific you would like to do and we may be able to help direct you.

The Mathematics Shed

Did you know The Literacy Shed has a friend...The Mathematics Shed? Go there to find some videos to help teach Maths concepts. It's only relatively new so not heaps of resources yet. Hopefully it ends up being as detailed as The Literacy Shed.

Maths Warriors

This UK site has downloadable and printable activities and charts, games, posters, loop cards and investigations. The investigations are a collection of printable PDF files that outline the investigation and indicate what stage it is most appropriate for.

National Geographic Mapping Interactive

This website is a mapping interactive that allows you to view representations of various statistics on a worldwide scale e.g. populations density, human footprint, earthquakes, temperature.

This site also allows students to use a measuring tool to locate distances between locations. Additionally there are drawing tools and markers for students to place on maps.

Each interactive map created is given an individual link so students can share their work.

NAPLAN Teaching Strategies

Have you seen the NAPLAN Teaching Strategies websites? They have lesson ideas associated with outcomes, including WALT (We Are Learning To - Visible Learning) statements. Stuck for an idea on how to teach an outcome??? Search in NAPLAN Teaching strategies websites. Very easy to navigate.

NAPLAN 2011 Teaching Strategies -


NAPLAN 2012 Teaching Strategies -


NAPLAN 2013 Teaching Strategies -


Block Posters

Here's a handy website for making classroom displays. First you upload any picture, then the website will enlarge it over a number of pages (you choose the dimensions). When you print the poster from the website the pieces fit together to make a poster.


Spelling Activities

Are you looking for some new and different spelling tasks? Here are 40 things to do with your spelling words, ready to print and laminate.