Symbolism In Walk Two Moons

By: Allen Dempster

Summary of Novel

Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons is about a 13 year old girl named Sal. Sal takes a trip with her grandparents across country to visit her mother's grave in Lewiston Idaho. While they are driving sal tells her grandparents a story about her friend phoebe who Loves to jump to conclusions.
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Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Sharon Creech uses symbolism to make the reader find connections to what they're reading.

Symbol 1: Hair

One of the symbols Sharon Creech uses a lot is hair. The first time She uses hair as a symbol is when Margaret Cadaver says "What lovely hair" (Creech 10) to Sal. A little while longer in the book Sal's father comments about her air when Sal things of cutting her hair her father says "Don't cut yours Sal, Please don't cut yours." (Creech 92). Hair is talked about whenever Sal thinks about her mom or cutting her hair. Hair is long and is like a connection to home or her mother. Hair was the thing Sal shared with her mother, very long hair. Thus with this symbol you gain a much deeper understanding of Sal's life.

Symbol 2: Tulips

Another symbol Sharon Creech uses is Tulips. One of the first times Sharon Creech uses this symbol is when Sal's mom sang "O meet me in the tulips when the tulips do bloom." (Creech 83). A few pages later when sale's mom is leaving she said "I'll be back when the tulips bloom" (Creech 108) Tulips are talked about whenever there is death or sadness
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