September, 2020



The Mission of Beatrice Middle School is to provide students with the academic and life skills necessary for personal success and responsible citizenship by providing guaranteed and viable curriculum, high quality instruction, and a safe and caring environment.

The teaching staff at Beatrice Middle School is a quality staff dedicated to the success of the students. The staff members are committed to meeting the needs of the students that they come into contact with on a daily basis. Staff members use a variety of teaching techniques to meet the needs of the varied learning styles of the students in the building. The middle school is an inclusionary school with all students taking part in the learning within the classroom. To meet those needs, the staff at the middle school differentiates the instruction and method of instruction to accommodate all learners.


Covid 19 Protocols have been updated

August 26, 2020

  1. Staff members will be permitted to attend. Staff ID may be required.
  2. BMS students may attend, but it is preferred that a tight-knit student section is avoided.
  3. Spectators will utilize even-numbered rows only at football games and Orange colored rows at volleyball games. Spectators must social distance within rows.
  4. Face coverings will be required by everyone in attendance.
  5. Social distancing of 6 feet between family groups must be maintained.
  6. All in attendance are expected to stay home if exhibiting any health symptoms that are consistent with Covid-19. (fever, cough, loss of taste/smell, etc…)
  7. Wash hands frequently with soap, and avoid sharing any items.
  8. Fans should arrive no earlier than necessary and leave immediately after the contest.
  9. When attending contests away from Beatrice, we will be expected to abide by the protocols of the host school. Make sure you know what those are before travelling!




BMS parents and guardians,

Fall sports are officially underway and due to the block schedule that we are using this school year, it is necessary to inform you of an amendment we’ve made to the BMS Student Handbook. The change to the policy will be bolded below:


"Middle School students who participate in extracurricular activities are not allowed to practice, perform or compete on the same day they are absent from school for more than two (2) class periods excluding mentor period. Exceptions include any medically excused absence. Absences due to extenuating circumstances (funeral, family emergency, etc.) must be approved by the Building Principal or Assistant Principal."

Note: Because students are only attending four (4) classes per day this year, the previous policy stating students needed to be present four (4) of their eight (8) class periods became null.


Welcome back to school! We are so glad to be back in session with all of our students. A little bit about us: Amy Randel and Angie Vogel are the school counselors at BMS. This year, Amy Randel is the school counselor for all 7th graders and for 8th graders with the last names M-Z. Angie Vogel is the school counselor for all 6th graders and for 8th graders with the last names A-L. We want to help all of our students be happy and healthy and are willing to work with all students. You can email Amy Randel at or call her at (402) 223-1500x1105. You can email Angie Vogel at or call her at (402) 223-1500x1104. We are very excited to have our students back in the building for the start of the school year!

Each month we will share valuable information in the newsletter. This month we have chosen to share the HOPE Squad Parent Newsletter, which talks about how parents can help support their children during COVID. Click here to view the newsletter. We are proud to have an active HOPE Squad in our school. You can find more information about HOPE Squads at


Medication Reminder

If you wish to send PRN (as needed) medication to school with your child for headaches, dental/ orthodontia pain, colds, etc… it must be brought in the original container and a medication consent form must be filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian, according to Nebraska Law. Medication must be provided by parent/guardian, BPS does not provide as needed medication for students. If the medication is not in the original container and a consent form is not completed, the medication will NOT be given. You may pick up a form at the front office, the nurse’s office, or print it off here. Beatrice Middle School DOES NOT supply over the counter medications for students, these must be provided by the parent/guardian. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

Help keep your child in his/her classroom throughout the school day!

1. Any open wounds or injuries should be covered/wrapped BEFORE coming to school.

2. Make sure your child has had breakfast BEFORE coming to school. It is not unusual for students to come to the nurse’s office during mentor, 1st or 2nd periods with a stomachache. When asked what they had for breakfast the answer is often times “nothing.” Please provide something for your child to “grab and go” as they head to school if they do not have time to sit down and eat at home. I do not supply breakfast in the nurse’s office. ;-)

3. Do not send your child to school if they wake up with vomiting or diarrhea.

4. When calling the school to report a sick child please be specific as to their symptoms or diagnosis. This will help us to track any outbreaks at Beatrice Middle School.

Vaccine Alert!!

All students enrolling in 7th grade must provide evidence of having 1 booster of Tdap vaccine, given on or after 10 years of age. What does this mean? If you have a 7th grade student this year, they should have already gotten this vaccine. If they haven't you need to schedule a time for them to received it ASAP. Please send documentation of this to school ASAP so we can enter it into their records.


Just a reminder: if you have a current 7th grade student and forgot that they are required to have a physical before entering 7th grade, please get that done ASAP and turn into the nursing office.

Asthma Action Plans

If your child has been diagnosed with asthma or an allergy that leads to anaphylaxis such as food allergies, we need a new Asthma/Allergy Action Plan in their file every year. If you have not had your family physician fill one out for your child for this school year, this needs to be done as soon as possible. I will be sending out letters to parents of children who do not have updated plans for this school year. If your child needs an epi-pen for their allergy/asthma please bring that to the school as soon as possible. Also if your child requires an inhaler for their asthma please send it with them to school with a medical consent form, especially when they are scheduled for PE.

Flu Shot Clinic

The flu shot clinic at Beatrice Middle School is scheduled for October 26.

7th Grade Students Hearing and Vision Tests

The Lions Club will be at Beatrice Middle School screening all 7th grade students for hearing and vision on October 13 and October 14.


Please click here to view.



You may have noticed officers at the schools as you drop your students off. They are there for everyone's safety, but they are focused on the traffic/student safety.

Beatrice has a traffic law that states it is illegal to allow the loading or unloading of people in a lane of traffic, including alleyways, in a school zone. This was made due to safety concerns for students being dropped off for school.

What is required under this law is that you legally park next to a curb or in a parking lot and allow your passengers to exit your vehicle. At the Beatrice Middle School, there is ample parking available for short term drop off parking in the City of Beatrice/BPW lot adjacent to the alley off of 4th Street. The church parking lot at 4th and High Streets is also a common option used. Some parents choose to drop their students off on Ella Street next to the curb then they just have a short one block walk to the doors and driver's don't have to mess with the traffic on north 4th Street. Wherever you choose to drop your students off, please remember to park then let them out.

When our students are passengers in our vehicle we need to ensure they are wearing their seatbelts. Not only is it the law, but common sense that if we are in an accident our children have a much better chance to be uninjured if they are in a properly adjusted seat belt. Remember the driver of a vehicle will be the one ticketed if a student is not wearing a seatbelt.

The last law I want to talk to you about is Nebraska State Statute 60-6175. This statute states that all vehicles must stop when approaching a school bus with its stop arm extended. We continue to get reports of vehicles passing busses with the stop arm extended and I have instructed the bus drivers to notify me of offenders and I will follow up with that driver. The penalty of driving through a busses stop arm is a whopping $500 plus court costs!

Our primary concern is for your student's safety; however, no one likes getting tickets so please don't violate these laws. If you have specific questions please contact me at the Beatrice Middle School or the Beatrice Police Department, and have a safe and enjoyable school year.

School Resource Officer Timothy Price


Beatrice Public Schools activity cards are on sale at the middle school and high school offices. Prices are as follows: Student passes - $25, adult passes - $80, and Family passes - $175.

Activity cards will admit you into any Beatrice Public Schools activity with the exception of conference and state events.


Any student age 11 and up interested in Hunter's Education can join Mr. Kassmeier's google classroom for information and to sign up.

This online offering allows students to work at their own pace with video instruction and quizzes. At a "yet to be determined time", a 2 hour Hunt Safe class is needed to complete their coursework and earn a Nebraska Hunter's Permit. There is a cost of $29.50 that is paid to the State of Nebraska Game and Parks as a vendor fee for the online class, the school makes no money. The online classes can be completed at home or in studyhall. Work in studyhall is permitted ONLY if allowed by teacher and upon completion of ALL classwork. Mr. Kasmeier may have to block students from the coursework in studyhall if students are not being responsible in their regular class work.

The code to join this google classroom is: 5geoqab.

Any questions please email Mr. Kassmeier at or call 223-1500 ext 1147.


Would you like to stay on top of your child's grades? Would you like to see if they did well on their last test? Would you like to make sure they are getting to class on time? Would you like to have heads up on when they need lunch money and be able to put lunch money on their account online? A Campus Portal account can help you with all of those things.

To get set up with an account, email either Annette Barnard at or Karen Dittbrenner at We will help you get started on the road to staying in the loop with all of the above mentioned things.


Welcome back from the Media Center!! Kids will be able to check out books this year. On that note, we are missing far too many books from last quarter during the shutdown. If your student has a book at home, please send it back immediately. If not, they will be receiving slips until they return it or pay for a replacement.


Want to know what your child’s math homework assignments are? Check out Mrs. Sykes’ website. Here you will find the homework assignments for my 6th and 7th grade math students. This page is updated on a weekly basis and will let you know not only the daily assignments but will also keep you up to date when quizzes and tests will be. This is a great way to keep on top of things and will also allow you and your child to keep current on assignments when they are absent.

Simply log on to, click on the Beatrice Middle School tab, select teacher websites, Sykes. The assignments are posted on the Math 6 and Math 7 link. Add this link to your favorites or bookmarks so you have a direct link to the homework anytime!


Breakfast and lunch are an important part of a child's day so it's also important to know the way we handle the lunch accounts at the Middle School.

Deposits to lunch accounts can be made at the office or through Parent Portal. In order to cut down on processing time, we will only accept deposits of at least $5.00. Please write the name of the child(ren) on the check. Each child will be informed when their balances become low--around $3.00, at which time it is the child's responsibility to tell their parent they need money. Students with negative balances will not be allowed to purchase ala carte items. All insufficient checks will be deducted from the student’s account along with a collection fee.

Students are limited to taking two low or non-nutritional items along with their lunch. Any parent with concerns or questions can call Ms. May at the Middle School at 223-1500, ext. 1111.

Breakfast: $2.20; Lunch: $3.10


Students should come to school and school events clean in his/her person and dress. An individual’s dress, personal appearance and cleanliness, like his/her behavior, should reflect sensitivity to and respect for others. Good appearance stimulates good behavior and proper clothes encourage self-confidence. Appearance, which is disruptive to the educational process or endangers the safety or health of a student, will not be allowed. Recognizing that school is a place of business and that pride in ourselves and in the entire student body is a worthwhile objective, we, the students, faculty, and administration, recognize the following dress policy:

* Hats, bandannas, stocking caps, head sweatbands, visors, and sunglasses will not be permitted to be worn inside the school building.

* Any clothing, which is cut, torn, ripped, see through, or exposes undergarments is prohibited.

* Any clothing, accessories, or jewelry, which has inappropriate statements, logos, slogans and pictures, or potentially dangerous will be prohibited in the building.

Shirts, Blouses, Sweaters, Sweatshirts

a. All shirts must fit appropriately including size and length.

b. Shirts or blouses exposing the midriff, shoulders and back will be prohibited.

c. Tank tops, spaghetti straps, basketball shirts, etc., may be worn in combination with either

a capped sleeve shirt or t-shirt that covers the shoulder. Sleeveless shirts, worn alone, are prohibited. Capped sleeve shirts must be worn on the shoulder.

d. The neckline of shirts, dresses, etc. must be high enough to ensure modesty for students and does not expose undergarments.


a. All shorts must be of an appropriate length to ensure modesty.

b. All shorts must fit around the waist and should not be rolled up at the waist.

c. Boxers and swimming attire are prohibited.


a. All pants must be of appropriate length.

b. All pants must fit around the waist. A belt of appropriate length may be worn to ensure that pants fit appropriately. Belts must be worn tight and around the waist.

c. Pajama bottoms and flannel/fleece pants may not be worn.

d. Pants must be free of holes above the knee.

Dresses and Skirts

a. The length of all dresses and skirts must be of an appropriate length to ensure modesty.

b. Dresses with spaghetti straps or dresses that are sleeveless, must be worn in combination with a capped sleeve shirt.


a. Appropriate footwear will be worn properly during the school day.

b. Bedroom slippers will be prohibited.


a. Coats will not be worn in school during the school day.

Responsibility for dress rests primarily with the parents. They should see to it that their children are properly dressed for attendance at school. If in doubt, be conservative. If, in the judgment of the administrator, attire is disruptive to the educational process or offensive to the community or poses a safety concern, the student may be sent home or be required to change. Other discipline may be necessary for ongoing problems with this dress policy. The administration reserves the right to address any clothing or attire that may be a hindrance to the learning environment.

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Please consider becoming a TeamMates mentor! We need you!

You will find an informational flier from TeamMates Mentoring of Beatrice HERE. If you are interested in becoming a TeamMates mentor, simply fill out this application, attend a training session with a chapter coordinator, and you will be matched with your youth!

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