Monday Message

August 31, 2015

Parent Forms

Thank you for continuing to collect these and sending home extra copies as needed. The most important form is the Code of Conduct. All of the other forms are okay if they don't come back as long as we provided them the opportunity to give us the information. If the FERPA form does not come back, it defaults to a "yes.". The Code Of Conduct must come back in the event there is a significant discipline issue, we have to have documentation that parents and students were aware of the process.

We will put class lists in your box this Wednesday so you can check off who you have a form from and give you directions and when and where to turn in your forms. Be sure to alphabetize them by like form when you turn them into us. Thank you again for your help gathering this information.


Thank you for including me on your emails! You are doing a great job of keeping parents informed about what goes on in your room, sending reminders, and helping parents feel connected. Remember to be communicating at least weekly, either by email or by a newsletter. If you have not added me to your email group, thank you for doing that this week.

The district expects us to keep our websites current. Part of that is to have your assignments posted so parents can go to it as a resource. You should have a MOOSE page as part of your web page to list assignments and homework for parents to use when they can't get ahold of you. If you need help, ask Bill or Ana.


Thank you for making this work! You are doing a great job of getting you first attendance done by 8:15 and you second one right after when the bell rings at 9:45. Thank you!

Faculty Meeting

We will have a faculty meeting on Thursday, September 3 in the ART room at 3:20.

Refrigerator Permit

It is time to turn in your payment for your classroom refrigerators! Forms will be in your mailboxes today. Be sure to submit your forms and payment by October 1. Thank you for taking care of this early. You must have a permit to have a refrigerator in your classroom.

Parent Meetings

We have Parent Meetings this week for grade K, 1st, 3rd and 5th on Tuesday, September 1. Thank you for your time to help provide our parents with information about the year.

Picture Day is Coming!

We will have our Fall Picture Day on Friday, September 18. Make Up Day for the Fall Pictures will be on November 4. Information for parents will go home soon.

PTA Meeting

Our first PTA Meeting for the year is Thursday, September 17 at 6:00 PM. It would be wonderful if you could make this very first PTA Meeting. Please make it be a goal that you attend at least two PTA sponsored events; PTA Meetings, Fall Festival PTA Spirit Nights and such. The families and the PTA love seeing you at these events.

Friday, September 4

Friday, September a Jean's Day and it will be a Faculty Fire drill. Enjoy our three day weekend!

September Birthdays

September 3 - Hayley Skinner

September 6 - Gwen Earnhart and Susan Lamphere

September 10 - Teresa Casstevens

September 16 - Jenny Theiss

September 24 - Maria Eugenia Diaz

Upcoming Dates

September 1 - Parent Meetings for grades K, 1, 3 and 5

September 3 - Faculty Meeting

September 4 - Jean's Day and Faculty Fire Drill

September 7 - Labor Day Holiday

September 8 - Math BOY test for grades 1-5

September 9 - Reading pretest for grade 3, Writing pretest grade 4, Science pretest grade 5

September 10 - Faculty meeting

September 11 - Lockdown/Evacuation drill

September 15 - Bus Evacuation drill

September 15 - Boy Scout recruitment meeting

September 17 - Play It Safe grades 5 and 6

September 17 - PTA Meeting

September 18 - Fall Picture Day

September 18 - Play It Safe grades K-4