Chichester Central School News

December 7, 2020

Dates to Remember

Fri, 12/11, Trimester 1 Report Cards Sent Digitally through Alma

Wed, 12/16 - Chichester School Board Meeting, 6pm @ CCS

Tue, 12/22 - Early Release, Students dismissed at 12:35pm

12/23-1/1- Winter Break

Mon, 1/4/21- Students and Staff Return from Winter Break

Principal's Message

At our monthly staff meetings here at CCS, we take the first few minutes of each meaning to "shout out" our colleagues. This allows us to give recognition to each other, and to recognize the really amazing things that we're doing each day. Today, I'd like to offer a shout out to our entire CCS community:

CCS Students: You are are showing up to classes each day, you are investing in your learning, you are figuring out technology challenges, you are asking questions, and you are advocating for yourselves. We see you, and we are incredibly proud to be your teachers!

CCS Parents: We know that you have had a lot of extra items added to your plates. You are an essential part of your child's school career, but now you are being asked to go above and beyond. We will see, we hear you, and we will continue to be here to connect with you, support you and your child, offer advice, share those big emotions with you, and continue to tweak our programming to best meet the needs of your child. Please continue reaching out!

CCS Educators & Support Staff: Wow! How lucky I am to work alongside such a talented and dedicated group of educators. Your commitment to your craft, your dedication to your students; all of it amazes me each and every day! You continue to work with families, students, and administration to make the best learning environment possible for the students of CCS. You have worked through schedule changes, technology implementation, and meeting our students where they are and helping them to grow. I am so proud of each of you!

Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Strazzeri, Mr. Libby, Mrs. Eccelston, Mrs. Ladd, Mr. Tapley, Mr. Griggs, and Mr. J Vayda: Our building is clean, it is maintained, it is organized, people are communicated with, health calls are followed-up on, students and staff are well-fed, and our staff is supported throughout their days. We know that none of your jobs are easy, but we appreciate the work that you do for each and every one of us!

Chichester School Board, Superintendent Warburton, Chichester Business Administrator Vayda & and The Greater Chichester Community: We thank you for your continued support, for believing in us, for helping us when we need the support, for continuing to support our students, our parents, and our staff. We are grateful to work in a community like Chichester!

Please do continue to reach out to your child's teacher, the main office, the health office, and me with any questions you may have.


Jessica Snider, Principal

CCS Rams Record!

Good News, CCS students!

The CCS Rams Record is open for business. All we need are amazing WRITERS like you! Teachers are welcomed to send in your students' stories, poems, news stories and artworks! Whether home, or school, we want YOU to keep the Rams Record running! Questions? Please contact Rams Record club advisor, Mrs. Audet at

Update from the CCS Health Office

December 7, 2020


Thank you everyone for the ongoing support and understanding with following the COVID-19 school guidelines. Continued communication and following these guidelines is essential so that we can help keep our school and community stay healthy during this time.

We will continue to update you with any changes in our guidelines and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Mrs. Strazzeri

School Nurse

798-5651, ext.12

CCS Artist of the Month!

From Mrs. Murphy:

Isla always does her best work and is excited to try new mediums and techniques in the art room! She is kind and is always willing to help a friend. Isla is an awesome artist and a great example of our CARES work-study practices!

Tips for At-Home Learning Days

The extension that we've added to this newsletter offers curated resources for managing the pandemic-enforced school/home merger. Good luck and don't forget to breathe!

1) Taking Care of You:

Thinking through how to manage your time.

While we're not quite in quarantine anymore, with kids staying home and parents working from home, it can still feel as if we are. This article offers helpful tips for managing your time.

2) Supporting your kids through these challenging days:

An opportunity to help kids develop inner strength

This article gives helpful tips for nurturing kids' resiliency -- yes, we're all missing out on A LOT, but let's offer other ways to think about it all.

Toddlers are one thing; teenagers another...

This article gives some good tips for how to give teenagers their space when it feels like we're all stuck in one room, together.

3) Getting your kids to help out:

Chichester Central School

The mission of Chichester Central School is to educate our students to become independent thinkers, problem-solvers and self-directed learners. We are committed to fostering the social, emotional, developmental, intellectual, and physical needs of every child. We strive to work with the broader community to ensure that students develop lifelong skills enabling them to be contributing and productive members of society.