By Ben Eckman

Basic Information

Lipids are a group of organic compounds that include fats,oils, and waxes.

Fats are usually solid or semisolid at room temp.

Saturated or unsaturated depending on their chemical structure (the type of bonds between the atoms) Lipids tend to raise your cholesterol and increase your risk of having a heart attack.


Plants store lipids in the cells of there seeds

Animals store lipids in the cells of there skin to use as an energy reserve

Energy storage,insulation(warmth),important building material,waterproof covering.


Fats: Butter,Cheese,Cream.

Oils: Olive Oil,Canola.

Waxes: Leaves & Fruits, Animal Skin.

Saturated: Butter Or Lard "Bad Fats"

Unsaturated: Olive Oil Or Canola Oil "Good Fats"