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#567, April 2, 2016

"It is better not to check out library books.”

The New York Times ran an insightful story on the impact of library fines. I know some libraries have eliminated fines, but San Jose took a different road.

Print Isn't Dead, it is a Hologram

Tough Week for Libraries and Reading in the UK

There was more than one story of interest to librarians from the UK this week.

The reduction of librarians was bad news.

Book borrowing was down as well.

Books Save You Time

This author says you should quit skimming and really read.

Beyond that, some suggest you must read an author's entire collection before you can understand them.

Teacher Feature-April is National Poetry Month

Looking for something new regarding poetry? The Boston Review asked some educators to share their notes in this month's Teacher Feature.

What You Want/What You Need

The Times Literary Supplement looks at books on consumption, not the lung disease, the other one, and luxury. The photo is a book vending machine in Toronto, Canada.

At the other extreme the Utne Reader finds we are paying too much for something that isn't there, our data plans.

For a lighter look at consumption try this video on the Biblio-Mat.

Library Websites

The Consulate General of the United States operates a library in southern India. They have 14,000 books and 140 scholarly journals, plus they offer matinee movies on Saturdays.

No More Dog Ears

Places I Didn't Know About

Obviously pop up books come from someplace, but unlike traditional printed books that are produced at presses in almost every city, pop up books require specialized skills. This older blog gives a peek into the world of Ibarra, Ecuador that was the world leader in pop up book production. Today, production has shifted to China. The second link shows you the insides of a modern pop up book plant.


The site Mental Floss aggregated their top 11 overdue book stories.

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