Lack of education in Africa

Help change a life

Why is it important?

Education rates in many African countries are low; schools lack many basic facilities. You should help this cause because it will form the future generation. The world you live in is held by education,if you help educate other students our world will be a better and stronger place; with less poverty. Students need to experience going to new worlds by reading, and get top jobs to help support their family, and provide food on the table. Decreasing the lack of education will decrease struggle in Africa.

This is a class sitting outside and learning because they cant afford to build a school. Many children walk a long way just to learn something new.

Why should I help this cause?

You should help this cause because it will form the future generation. By helping you are being that push in someones life that will help them pursue their dreams. Even that $1 you donate makes a great impact.

Schools in Africa have basic facilities to learn.

Don't be sad there is a way to help!

You can help by doing one simple thing.The HAF (Happy Africa Foundation)is a foundation that helps with many problems in Africa including lack of education.All you need to do is donate money! With the money we earn we are going to send it to HAP;they will use this money to build schools and provide books and other learning materials.Education is very important, change a life today.Email as quick as you can if you want to donate; or you can got to to donate and volunteer. There is a QR code at the bottom to lead you to this wonderful website.

A large group of students are learning outside with only one small chalkboard for the teacher.