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Information on Several Weeks of learning!

Newsletter Info

The Lee's Learners newsletter will have a publication date on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. Please be sure to check out all that going on in our class and around the school.

Halloween Fun

Bernheim Forest donated pumpkins to our classroom for Halloween and we had a fantastic time decorating them. The students made a face on their pumpkin and then we melted crayons with a hairdryer to give it a colorful spin!

Our classroom door also won the Funniest/Cutest Door award for Red Ribbon Week. It had to have a anti-drug and Halloween theme. Our theme was 'I'd rather eat bugs than do Drugs'. We also had a Fun Friday Celebration and made witches hats for our snacks.

Birds, Birds, Birds

Several weeks ago we talked about migration and birds. We have learned about a program called FeederWatch, which counts and watches birds from November thru April in an effort to help birds in trouble and track them. We made bird feeders, which the students brought home last week and have been watching birds on a livecam in Ontario, Canada. You can view this with your child at www.feederwatch.org. We also made bird feeders to hang outside our window, which we will be watching throughout the winter to see if we can attract some birds of our own.

The students loved it!

Sprint Cup Series

Several weeks ago in reading, we read about the Sprint Cup Series. We learned about Miami, Florida and about how cars are built and race against each other. They learned that the Sprint Cup Series is many races and the final one takes place in November. They learned about momentum and how things with greater weight can go farther if given the momentum of something like a ramp. Ask them about the Science project we did in the hallway. (We took an empty can and a full can and watched to see which would go the furthest distance. Answer: The full can!) Then we made cars out of vegetables. Needless to say, most of the kids did not eat them!

K-Prep Alternative Testing

We have started Alternate Assessment testing, so please try to have your children get plenty of rest and come to school each day they are able. This testing will go on for the next week and we want to make sure that the students are giving their best effort. I appreciate all the support that you give to us while we help your children succeed.

Weather Changes, Weathering and Erosion

We are now talking about Weather, Erosion, and how the weather changes the land in Science. They are learning about how water can break down rocks and cause caves and sand to form. Ask them about what they are learning!

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Last week in reading, we learned about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and had a parade of our own. They learned about New York City and that they Parade is 90 years old. We learned about marching bands and large balloons. Our science project was how balloons inflate. We put Pop Rocks in a Sprite and watched the balloon inflate on its own! We hope that your Thanksgiving was full of 'Giving Thanks' for all the blessing that we each have; your child has been a blessing to us this year.

Dance Showcase 2014

Thursday, Dec. 11th, 5pm

211 E Muir Ave

Bardstown, KY

Please look for more information in your child's backpack for specific times that the grades will be dancing; there is also more information about what the students are suppose to wear for the evening. The performances start at 5:00pm with Kindergarten and lasts until the 5th grade starts their performance at 7:30.

Daily Notes

This week we have started a new way of communicating what your child has done throughout the day. At the end of the end your child will be assessing how their day has gone through the use of a picture board. This is a way for your student to take responsibility and respond to what they did, how they felt, and what they liked about their day. It also allows a place for additional comments, if needed. On the back of the form, it allows you as the parent to communicate back with us about your child's evening. We would like for you to sign and return the form to us the next morning so we can better respond to your child's needs. Thank you for the support!