Valley Forge

By: Jackie Carden and Danielle DeOrzio

Why Valley Forge?

This was a very smart decision for Washington to make because of its prime location for attacks. It was far enough away from the British's camp, that they were safe from surprise attacks. The ground was easy to maintain ownership of because of its high elevation and the surrounding river.

Military Camp

Valley Forge was not a sight where battles were preformed, but a place where soldiers were prepared for battles. Mostly hunger and despair were at this camp, and not much training was done here because of its inhuman living conditions. It took six months for the run-down colonists to turn into soldiers, during this operation.

Hardship faced throughout the war at Valley Forge.


The spring was very important because it was a turning point for Washington's army. During the spring time many soldiers recovered from their illnesses. Also the food, became plentiful.