February 5 , 2016

What Are You Displaying?

Don't forget to check out the LibGuides where we feature current holiday displays for local libraries on our Home Page, as well as past displays in our Best Practices Guide.


Get Your Students Involved!

What better way to let legislators know how important your library is to your students and teachers than contacting them on Library Advocacy Day on March 2, 2016? NYLA's Advocacy Webpage has information on everything from a pre-drafted letter you can click and send to a full page of advocacy tools. If you can make appointments with your local leaders to bring students in to talk about the difference their library (and librarian!) make, that would be great! But if that can't happen - can they write letters or send emails or Tweets or post on a legislator's Facebook page? The new Social Studies Framework has "Civic Participation" as one of the six Social Studies Practices. What better way to learn how that works in the real world than talking about why libraries are important, and what they can do to impact that locally.
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K-12 Mandate Legislation Survey

Please remember to complete the survey on library staffing in your building(s). If your district shows more than 1 building in BEDS, even if you have one library, report for both buildings. This may mean you're .7 for Elementary and .3 for Secondary (or whatever is realistic). NYLA is really working hard on your behalf for this initiative. It may not be until next year (or even the year after) but know it will happen. And having real data is extremely important! Once it's in both houses they way they want the language to read, they'll let us know so we can begin lobbying in earnest. Thanks!

Battle of the Books 2016

Battle of the Books 2016 is just weeks away!! I know your kids have been reading and plotting and planning and competing to get ready! All of the information we have so far can be found on our "Wonderful Reading" wiki. We are still working on scheduling details.

If you know of anyone who would like to volunteer to read questions and be scorekeepers on March 14, 2016, please email me and let me know! We are hoping to be able to have more rounds this year, and will need several readers & scorekeepers for each block throughout the day.

NY State Summer Reading

ON YOUR MARK - GET SET - READ! Information is out for the 2016 NY Summer Reading program. Every year there is a Teen Video Challenge - this year the theme is "Get In the Game!" (Cash prizes!) Check out the links and get your kids excited about reading throughout the year, even when they aren't in school!
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More about this soon - but get ready - it's coming back!!

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