A Christmas Carol, the play review

By Ian Brown

My review

I think that you should see the play A Christmas Carol,written by Charles Dickens, because it is fun, the Guthrie has a good atmosphere, and the ending is very cheerful. First off, if you were to go to the Guthrie, you would have a lot of fun, the actors were very good at their parts. They were also used as the staff running on to the stage and picking up as well as putting down props. They made the story come to life, and were all very happy being there. The actors and the amazing Guthrie made the experience very fun.

Another great thing was, the Guthrie and its staff made a very good atmosphere. The Guthrie itself is cool just because of its background and why it is there. The staff were all very welcoming and they showed me where to go, that was very cool. The people there also showed me where my seat was, that made it very easy to get seated before the show started. The atmosphere at the Guthrie was great.

Lastly the ending is very cheerful and happy which is probably why I liked it so much. It was a very pleasant ending because Scrooge becomes a better person. The play itself was very cool, all of the stunts and sound effects were amazing. I was already reading the book but the play was much cooler, what I pictured in the book was exactly how the set of the play looked. Scrooge was probably my favorite actor because of his ability to change moods.

Overall the play, the location, and the people were very pleasing. One recommendation I have is to see this play at the Guthrie I don't know if you could experience anything like I did, anywhere else. The reason I say that is because the Guthrie is very unique in a good way, and that makes it easy to give it a good review. I loved the book A Christmas Carol, but I loved the the Guthries production of A Christmas Carol even more.


One sacrifice that Scrooge made was giving his money to people in need. One sacrifice that I have made was that one time I sacrificed my money for a friend by buying him a drink.