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Responsive Web Design: Key to Any Successful Business

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Rapid increase in the usage of mobile phones, especially smartphones along with tablets have led diverse businesses think seriously of utilizing the above mentioned platforms to expand their reach on a global scale. According to experts, 2013 is surely going to be the year of Responsive Web Design. It means creating a website that is easily viewable and accessible on a mobile device (laptops, smartphones, tablet PCs, etc.). The term Responsive Web design company toronto was coined by Ethan Marcotte, a web designer in the year 2010 and since then it has become the favorite sales strategy for all kinds of online businesses.

With the emergence of a wide variety of online marketing platforms - websites, smartphones, tablets, and so on, businesses constantly needs to upgrade their web design and content to make them easily viewable on different mobile devices. For example, a website designed for a typical desktop computer with screen size 1024x768 cannot be properly read on an Apple iPhone 5's 640×1136 screen. Hence, necessary adjustments need to be made on a periodic basis.

Mobile-optimized Websites

Such websites are essentially built for the mobile phones. Businesses of different size and types have rightfully understood the hidden potential of mobile phones in changing their online business landscapes. Mobile devices have tremendous potentiality of increasing a company's products sales and that is why organizations are seen investing handsomely on the design and development of mobile-optimized websites. These sites are easily viewable on any mobile device with specific screen size and capacity. However with the changing market demands a mobile version of website also needs to be updated frequently leading to heavy investments on manpower and infrastructure.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the output of the need of an effective solution to address design and development problems for different mobile gadgets. RWD provides cost-effective strategies to create a site that can be well fitted to any screen size regardless of the device type.

A responsively created website will adjust itself (modify the layout, navigation, content, etc.) when opened on the device the visitor is using. This means that your business website can be easily viewed on a mobile phone and on a tablet without the need to build expensive, tailored designs for each device.

Is Responsive Web Designing Useful for Business Growth?

For businesses who think diverse online presence is critical for their growth, responsive web designing is the key. Mobile version of web design helps to expand the reach of any business irrespective of geographical boundaries and time constraints. Professionals no longer need to adjust the sites manually or with the help of software to make it viewable web design company toronto on different mobile gadgets. Thus, businesses can save company capital through RWD.

Google has always paid high importance to responsively designed sites giving a new website with relevant content high page ranking.

The key benefit of using responsive web design for a business is that it leads to increased search engine optimization at low costs and also businesses don't have to spend long hours on tasks duplication. Companies need to apply their future knowledge only to one site.