What is it?

Fraud is a type of email that is bad because you could lose a lot of you things. For example you could lose a lot of money. They trick you into giving your information away.


For example a away to lose all this stuff is by you giving it away. You might not now that you are the one giving all this stuff away. One way is they send you an email saying that you need to verify your account by putting in your passwords. Another way is you buy something online and you never get it. You go to a website and the website looks real; so you order something on it. You just gave money away; your product never came, thats because it was a fake website.

They could also text you that you need to enter your credit card information in the next couple of hours. It will tell you that if you don't you could lose your whole account. People don't want to lose their accounts so they type it in.

How to prevent it

Always remember that back accounts always do it in person. They wont send you an email or a text or any thing like that. A way to prevent this don't put any of you information online or send it in an email. You could also research the place you buying from if its an online thing. For example if you are buying from an online store you should reserch it to see if its real; also check the customer ratings. Amazon we now its a real store because every body talks about it and thats a known place.