Pink Eye

What is it?

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is swollen and redness of the conjunctiva part of the eye, which is the the part the lines the eyelid and eye surface. There are 2 types bacterial and viral pink eye. When you have it the eye get red and swollen causing the hosts eye to burn and itch really bad, and its only found in the eye. It isn't very serious because it completely goes away in 5-7 days and isn't life threatening.

Causes of pink eye:

-Infections caused by viruses or bacteria.

-Dry eyes from lack of tears or exposure to wind and sun.

-Chemicals, fumes, or smoke


Most cases are caused by poor hand washing or sharing an object with someone who already has it such as a washcloth which makes the virus get into your body, or the bacteria get into your eye.

Who does it affect and the symptoms?

It can affect anyone that doesn't properly was their hands or gets it from someone else that has it.


-Crusts that form on the eyelid overnight

-Eye pain

-Increase tearing

-itching of the eye

-Redness of the eye

-Sensitive to light


There isn't a treatment for it but to just stay inside and wash your hands and be sure not to spread it to anyone.

5 facts

-It can only happen to the eye

-It isn't life threatening at all

-It takes about 5-7 days to completely go away

-There are 2 types Virus related and bacteria related

-The virus