Andrew Jackson

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Jackson helped create the tariffs of 1828 and 1832. These tariffs were bad for the South because most of the people relied on imported goods for their jobs in the business of agriculture. Jackson got what he deserved when North Carolina threatened to secede from the United States.

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Trail of Tears

Jackson wanted more land as well as the removal of the Indians. He forced the Indians off of their land, and onto land west of the Mississippi River while disregarding the previous court decision to allow the Indians to stay. As many as 4,000 Indians died during this excruciating journey. This was a cruel action that should not have been done by a president, let alone a United States representative.

Disobeying the Constitution

When Jackson did not uphold the ruling of the court case Worcester v. Georgia, he was ignoring the constitution. John Marshall made the decision to allow the Indians to stay on their land, but Jackson disregarded that and carried on with the process of forcing the Indians to move somewhere else. This was terrible because Jackson made our nation look weak and untrustworthy. Is this the kind of president we want?

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This political cartoon represents Jackson using the presidential veto to remove the National Bank of the United States and then it also portrays the way the bank collapsed after this event by showing the bank falling to the ground.