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Friday, October 11th, 2019

Spirit Week

To celebrate Character Week 2019, the PES will be having a Spirit Week!

Tuesday, October 15th - Fall Colorful Day - 4th Grade wears YELLOW!

Wednesday, October 16th - Wacky Wednesday - Dress in your wackiest clothing!

Thursday, October 17th - Team Day - Wear a team shirt or jersey!

Friday, October 18th - Cherry & Gray Day - Wear your school colors!

Halloween Party

Check out the SignUpGenius link below to contribute to our party!


Mrs. Close's Class ~ It's been a busy week! Our focus over the last few days has been on factors, multiples, and categorizing prime and composite numbers. It's challenging for the students to list all the factors of a bigger number like 70. We have been using strategies to help decide if numbers are factors or not. For example, two is a factor of all even numbers, three is a factor of a number if the sum of it's digits is divisible by 3 (70 - 7+0=7; 7 is not evenly divisible by 3, so 3 is not a factor of 70), numbers that have 5 as a factor end in a 5 or 0. This process takes a lot of brain power. Kids with strong multiplication facts struggle less. Next week, Mrs. Coleates will introduce Math Olympiad (MO), which is more challenging problem solving opportunities! In addition, we will work with units of time, multiplicative comparisons, and the classification of triangles and quadrilaterals. Next fact quiz is Friday, October 18th!

Mrs. Gleason's Class ~ Test corrections and signed Module 1 test are due Tuesday!

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We completed module 1 on Thursday. I will be sending home the assessments to be signed and corrected on Monday. Students should make corrections to the problems they missed on a seperate sheet of paper. I will give them back a half point on the test for each corrected answer that is correct. Corrections and the signed test must be returned to me by Wednesday. On Tuesday we will be starting module 2. This is a module on metric units of conversion. We will look at the different metric units and convert them between larger units and smaller units. We will apply this to addition and subtraction problems as well as word problems. This is a very short module and should be finished within a week. After which we will turn our focus towards multiplication and division. That module will take us into January.

Parent Conferences

Please click on the SignUpGenius link to sign up for parent conferences that will take place in December!


Reading ~ This week we were able to touch upon the elements of plot. In every fiction piece there is a problem, rising action, the climax, and then resolution. We'll work more with plot in the coming week using the Iroquois stories.

PAWS ~ One of my favorite parts of teaching! The PAWS tasks are opinion based essays. This week I have modeled the planning and drafting. The kids seemed really excited! They all have planned and some are even to the point of editing. I really want the kids to do some of their own editing before it reaches my eyes. I really push the kids to be the writer that they don't think is possible. I don't allow the kids to use the pronoun "you" and no conclusions beginning with "That" or "This." After we get through this first piece, PAWS will be a weekly task! I can't wait - they are already producing essays with five paragraphs; introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion! Life is soooooo good!

Read Aloud ~ We are already on our third book! I love reading to the kids! It's such a great way for us to connect without the kids having to worry about the words. All they have to do is think! Please ask your child about Florida and Dallas. They are the main characters of Ruby Holler.


Kids took their tests today! Corrected tests will be returned next Friday.

October Book Orders

October book orders are due Tuesday, October 15th.

Nightly Reading

Just a reminder that the kids should be reading for at least 20 minutes each night. They should write the title of the book in their agendas. In addition, they should be coming to you with a pencil or pen and ask you to sign the bottom of their agenda when they have completed their work.