The Greatest

The story of Muhhamad Ali

Cassius clay is a great boxer.

Early life

Cassius clay had a difficult early life.Cassius was born on January 17th 1942 Louisville Kentucky. The Lays weren't rich but they weren't poor.Southern states like Kentucky were segregated by race. laws called JIM CROW LAWS enforced this separation and made life difficult on a daily basis.


Cassius life get's easier as he grows up.When Cassius was twelve years old some one stole his bike. he was very angry. He told the police he was going to beat up the person who stole it.It turned out that the officer Joe Martin was a boxing coach.Joe told Cassius that he better learn how to fight before beating he tried beating anyone up.Cassius took Joe up on that offer.Cassius discovered he had a real talent for boxing.Cassius clay had his own boxing style.He taunted his opponent's so they were scared of him.

Adult life

Muhammad Ali had a successful life adult life.In 1964 Clay converted to religion of Islam first he changed his name from Cassius Clay to Cassius x then later changed it to Muhammad Ali.The boxing Association didn't allow Ali to box because he didn't join the army.He also didn't box because he got a disease similar to Parkinson disease.

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