The South West Regions.


About The States In The South West Regions

The states in the south west region states are Arizona capital Phenix, New Mexico capital Santa Fe, Texas capital Austin, and Oklahoma the capital is Oklahoma City. The population of this whole region is 37,348,108.


The climate of the southwest region changes during different seasons like when it's fall it becomes cooler all through until March.Then all the months that go to summer is warm and in summer it becomes the rainy months.


Some of the best resources are:

Texas: fluffy cotton,oil,and tasty fish.

Arizona: copper,minning,dairy,some really good beef.

Oklahoma: awesome peanuts,wheat,poultry and manufacturing.

Manufactured Products

Some of the manufactured products are chemicals from Texas. There is alot of tasty salsa you can try there is sunscreen for the warm weather at Arizona.The jam and jelly are very good the hot sauce and chili peppers are really hot and this is New Mexico. Oklahoma is a state with hogs a lot of really tasty beef jerky there is some eggs at Oklahoma there is also some really soft wool.

Major Crops

Some of the southwests major crops are is wheat,fluffy cotton,poultry,tasty peanuts,sweet fruit,vegetables,also there is cattle,sheep,and hogs which are raised in farms. And that is all of the tasty major crops of the southwest

The Landforms Of This Region Help The People By Working And Living

Some of the major landforms are flat lands for farmers to farm the rest of the flat landform that is left there are cities. There is a lot of oil for energy. There is alot of water so you can fish and relax. Also fishing is a way of making money for living.

Major Bodies Of Water

One of the major bodies of water is the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico borders the southeast Texas.The second major body of water is the Rio grande in New Mexico also and borders Texas too. The third major body of water is the Red River it's not red they just called it the Red River. The Red River also borders Texas and it borders the northeast of Texas. And finally the Colorado river which runs through the Grand Canyon in Arizona. So put on your flip flops and head over to the major bodies of water in the southwest region of America
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Major Landform

The Grand Canyon is one of the regions major landform. The Grand Canyon is located in the north western of Arizona. The Grand Canyon attracts more than 5 million tourists a year the Colorado river runs through it. When you come to the Grand Canyon you can take a lot of tours or rides you can even ride a mule! So come over to the southwest region!
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Tourist Attraction

One of the tourist attraction is Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam is the biggest concrete structure in the world.Did you know that it's first name was 'Boulder Dam' but was changed in honor of Herbert Hoover who was the 31st president of United States. The Hoover Dam is between Nevada and Arizona and is southeast of Las Vegas. The Hoover Dam attracts more than 1,000,000 visitors a year. Hoover Dam helps by providing power when it was built if you wanted to buy it it would cost 81million and now if you want to buy it will cost 811 million dollars. You can take lots of tours at the Hoover Dam.
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So come and visit the southwest region states!!!!!