Points of Pride

April 14, 2019

Instructional Focus:

I am probably not alone when I say that Wendy Peterson is someone that I admire because she is not only a phenomenal teacher, but an even better person. She has dedicated herself to her students even if it means inconveniencing herself.

On social media, she posted the following article saying that educators of all levels should read. And when Wendy says that I should read something, I do (she was my teacher after all).

I must admit, that I was very uncomfortable after reading the first couple of paragraphs, but I stuck with it until the end and thought it was great "food for thought." I am not looking to change school policies based off this article, but I think it will help put things into perspective and challenge your thinking.

Why aren't our kids quiet in the hallways (I feel that this very much still applies during testing)? Are we doing the right thing by forcing our kids to apologize to each other? I know for many, the fourth quarter is a challenge as we are on "our last nerve" but remember, these are still kids.

Jeans pass if you email me what about this article challenged your thinking the most :)

EdWeek Article

Upcoming Events:

  • 4/15: Benefits Open Enrollment begins; 4th grade math AzMERIT and 5th (block 2)
  • 4/16: 3rd grade math AzMERIT and 5th (block 1); School Council @ 4:00
  • 4/17: 5th grade math (block 3) and 6th grade; 2:15 Release-Site PD; GPS Benefits Fair @ GHS @ 3-5
  • 4/18: Leadership Team @ 7:30; Preschool Egg Hunt @ 9:00 and 12:15; 4th grade field trip @ Boyce Thompson @ 8:45-2:00; 5th Math AzMERIT (block 1) and 6th grade
  • 4/19: No School-Spring Holiday
  • 4/22: No School- Spring Holiday
  • 4/23: 3rd grade math AzMERIT part 2; 5th grade math AzMERIT (block 3); Kindergarten Class Placement Meeting @ 3:30
  • 4/24: Administrative Professionals Day; 4th grade math AzMERIT (part 2) and 5th grade math (block 2); 2:15 Release-PLC; First grade class placement meeting @ 3:00
  • 4/25: AzMERIT Make ups; Employee of the Year Banquet @ 5:00
  • 4/26: ALL AzMERIT make ups must be completed; 3rd grade field trip to MAC farms @ 9:00-2:00; Kinder. Field trip to the Science Center @ 9:00-2:00; Sixth grade field day @ 9:30
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