Implantable Contraceptive

By: Alex Brennan and Jerry Garcia TB:5

what is it?

Is a small, flexible plastic tube containing hormones that doctors insert just under the skin of the upper arm. The hormones delivered in this way can help protect against for several years.
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how does it work?

The implanted tube slowly releases low levels of the hormone progestin to prevent pregnancy. It primarily works by preventing ovulation. (the release of an egg during monthly cycle)
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How well does it work?

Experts believe the type of implantable contraception now available in in the US to be very effective method of child birth. Over the course of a year, fewer than 1 out of 100 typical couples using implantable contraception till have an accidental pregnancy.
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Protection against STD's

This does not protect against STD's. couples having sex must always use condoms along with implantable contraception to protect STD's
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what are the side effects?

  • irregular or no menstrual periods
  • heavier or lighter periods
  • spotting between periods
  • weight gain, headaches, acne, and breast tenderness
  • depression
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who uses it?

young women who have a hard tie remembering to take birth control pills and who want long term protection against pregnancy may be interested in implanted contraception
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How do you get it?

It is only available through a doctor or other medical or professional who has been trained to insert it.
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How much does it cost?

it varies based on location and insurance coverage. it can range from several hundred dollars to over $1,000 dollars.
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would we recommend it?

Yes, i would recommend it due to not having a child during sex. it can be a double protection.
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