Military Support Newsletter

May 2021

Mission Statement

Supporting the academic journey of our military-connected families with humility and understanding.

Dear Families

I wanted to start off by extending a Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all our military spouses in Hippo Nation from our Parent and Family Engagement Dept. and our Military Support team! We are grateful for your sacrifice, strength, and service in taking care of your all home matters, whether your spouse is present or not, so that your servicemember can stay focused on their mission. Kudos to you all!!

Next up, our Military Appreciation Postcard Event is underway. Staff, students, and families have the opportunity to send a postcard of appreciation to a servicemember. We wanted to link this event with the observances of Armed Forces Day May 15th, to extend our appreciation of those currently serving, and Memorial Day on May 31st, to honor and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice protecting our country. We thank you for your service, it can not be emphasized enough.

Lastly, I wanted to share that our Purple Star Campus, NJES, was gifted a purple star hippo from the Hutto Chamber of Commerce and Living Hope Church, Hutto. We are so thankful for their generosity, and for Joe DeLeon and Amber Kingsley, who painted the hippo. A small reveal event took place on the evening of April 15th with our donors and staff to celebrate this honor for NJES and for our district. Pictures of the event are included below.

We hope you all have a joyous Mother's Day weekend!

Hippo Nation is Better Together!

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Purple Hippo Reveal

Military Support Postcard Event

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Meet our liaisons! We are grateful for these gracious military-connected staff members who selflessly volunteer their time to play an integral role in assisting military-connected families on their campuses.


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