Do you really know me?

Brooke Barnes

Words describing Me

  • dramatic
  • creative
  • thespian
  • cheerful
  • amusing
  • ecstatic
  • sensitive
  • imaginative
  • active
  • adventurous
kid, you'll move mountains

~Dr. Seuss

I love this quote because it tells kids that they will achieve something greater than they ever thought


A big influence in my life is my mom. She is always doing things to make me and my brother happy. Also she is very hard working and responsible. My mom is the best person in my life.
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Dysfunctional Six

I have the best 5 friends in the world named, Hannah, Kyra, Julianne, Melanie, and Kaleigh. We hang out as much as we can and love going shopping at the mall. These girls are very importan in my life and I love them.

A Friend by Gillian Jones

A person who will listen and not condemn
Someone on whom you can depend
They will not flee when bad times are here
Instead they will be there to lend an ear
They will think of ways to make you smile
So you can be happy for a while
When times are good and happy there after
They will be there to share the laughter
Do not forget your friends at all
For they pick you up when you fall
Do not expect to just take and hold
Give friendship back, it is pure gold.


I love the book divergent it is on of the best. I like to read and watch dystopias. Also my favorite movie is Mocking Jay.

I have been...

I haven't been many places in my life but one place I do go all the time is Louiresville, Louisiana. My mom grew up in this tiny town with nothing but a church, a gas station, a few restraunts and some convenient stores. The town is still the same and everyone knows each other and that's what I love about it. Also all of my cousins live there.